Econ-1020 News Analysis

Econ-1020 News Analysis


Description: This assignment will allow you to read a current article from main-stream media and/or listen to a current podcast and use the concepts learned and discussed in class to describe and analyze the content.

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is four-fold. 

to become familiar with mainstream coverage of economic events

practice using the vocabulary we are learning 

solidify the concepts discussed in class to create deeper learning

  • relate the concepts learned in class to your life
  • Task: This assignment can be broken down into the following steps:
  • Find an article or podcast from a mainstream media outlet (document outlining good examplesLinks to an external site.) that is less than six months old
  • Provide a link to the article or podcast

Write a one to three paragraph recap of the major points of the article/podcast using your own words

List the vocabulary discussed in class needed to understand the article/podcast- scarcitymicroeconomicschoicemacroeconomicsopportunity cost Words that you must include 

Use the concepts in class to demonstrate, describe, and/or analyze the main points of the article/podcast