East Los Angeles College KHN Article Review Essay

East Los Angeles College KHN Article Review Essay


These weekly notes should be a minimum 500 words total (about 1 page single-spaced), and must have both of the following components:

1) Reflection on the course readings assigned for the upcoming week. Typically, students focus on discussing any “aha! Moments” (where something in particular clicked in their mind as they read through the material) or “muddiest points” (where there was something that they still struggle to make sense of, despite having done the reading).  When writing your reflection, it may be helpful to think about anything that resonated with you and invoked strong feelings (i.e, something that angered you, or inspired you, uplifted you, etc.).  

2) A reaction to a KHN article from the previous week.  Students can pick any KHN article from the week, regardless of whether it’s related to the other course readings or materials.  Do not simply regurgitate the article, but apply critical thinking to analyze and contextualize it.  In other words, you must explain what you think about the article (did you agree with it, disagree with it, did it upset you, did it inspire you, etc.), and why.