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discussion post reply


The operations of every business depend heavily on scheduling. A company must have the appropriate scheduling alternatives in place to satisfy its needs. A group of people can use it to prioritize and arrange their work. Making a schedule also makes it easier to prioritize jobs and determine when they should be finished.

My organizations’ scheduling options include Requesting time off is the first option. To take a break, employees might request time off in advance. Employee Flexible Hours is the second choice. For those who like to work at night when there is less traffic on the way there and back, this alternative is ideal. Additionally, it enables workers skip rush hour and work longer, more productive shifts, giving them more time off at the end of the day.

Because it gives them the freedom, they need to manage their personal and professional life, I prefer the option of flexible hours for employees. Employees who work flexible hours can also spend more time with their family. Additionally, it is advantageous for companies since they may cut expenses by not having to retain a huge workforce and offer more perks (Humanity Inc., 2018). Offering flexible hours to their employees may cause some organizations to worry that they will lose their competitive edge. This is untrue, though, as other companies also practice it. 


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