Vira Siriphanhya 

SiriphanhyaDiscussion – Week 9


           When looking at the steps of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), they consist of understanding the problem, followed by a plan to resolve the issue, followed by creating a plan and implementing the plan, evaluation, and review of the entire systemic plan (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2022). There can be negative results within healthcare if nurses are not incorporated in the stages of SDLC when engaging in new healthcare technology. Nurses are strong advocates when discussing a concern or trying to understand the root cause of a healthcare issue (Whitehead et al., 2022). Nurses are not able to practice in their advocate role when expressing interest in a new healthcare ideology. Nurses thrive in environments where they are actively engaged and contributing to better patient care and staff environment (McNett et al., 2022). For example, nurses prefer an open-door policy with management regarding improvements in technology within their unit. The usage of leadership’s influence on staff can help improve the comradery when implementing the steps within the SDLC as the willingness to consider the reviews of new technology. The nursing leadership plays a role in being able to influence policy changes and advocacy for new technological advancements (Schaeffer & Haebler, 2019).

           By incorporating nurses throughout the SDLC process, there is a collaboration between a current problem or a status of technology and healthcare flow that can be improved. Nurses provide important feedback and teamwork skills when brainstorming and implementing healthcare practices and new systems. I have never been part of a committee that incorporated new healthcare technology, but those who did have a part in the new dynamic change within my healthcare system made choices that better improves patient care. 


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