Discussion 2: Video Featuring Tameka Greer

Discussion 2: Video Featuring Tameka Greer


Tameka Greer, founder and director of Memphis Artists for Change (MAC), recently sat for an interview to talk about the work of her nonprofit and the advocacy work that she and her colleagues engage in every single day.  She touches on a variety of social issues that MAC lends its voice to, including police reform in Memphis.  Ms. Greer is a very compelling speaker, and MAC’s advocacy activity in the Social Justice space offers inspiration to other NPOs looking to ramp up their advocacy work.

The video is posted under the MODULES tab. 

As with the first video you watched with Adam Nikas,  I’d like you to watch this one with Ms. Greer, then offer your thoughts about it.  The video is about 40 minutes in length.  

In this discussion board, I simply need you to address one or more of the following topics:

     1. What general thoughts do you have about MAC’s philosophy and approach to the social justice advocacy work they do every day?  

     2.  What reaction do you have to Ms. Greer’s explanation of how and why MAC is lending its voice to police reform in Memphis? 

     3. Are there any issues that Ms. Greer touched on that you’d like to talk about more with her?  What and why?

This assignment is worth 30 points, 20 of which will come from participating in the discussion and five of which will come from posting your thoughts by the deadline of February 8th.