Digital Dilemmas Discussion

Digital Dilemmas Discussion


Discussion 6: Digital Dilemmas

The section in Chapter 9 of the textbook entitled  “Digital Dilemmas: Online Media Influence,” identifies 6 specific dilemmas that are associated with the growth of social media.  Identify which of these dilemmas you believe is the most pressing issue in society today, and discuss why you believe that’s the case, using at least one example from popular media. Be sure to include the following elements in order to get full credit: 

  1. Clearly identify which dilemma you are referring to and summarize the main points found in the textbook about the issue, citing the book as appropriate. (Note that your academic coach should NOT have to guess about whether you read the textbook!)
  2. Make your case, using a well-reasoned argument, to convince your peers that:
    1. This issue actually exists: Provide a link to an example of a case where this dilemma is at play
    2. That it matters: Describe a specific effect that results from not being aware of this dilemma and explain why it matters (i.e. don’t just say “its bad when this thing happens” and assume that your peers agree — a good argument identifies a real world effect of the issue at play to convince their audience that it matters)

For reference, the dilemmas discussed in the text that this discussion is referring to are:

  • Social Media Logic and Algorithmic Power
  • The Crisis in Journalism
  • Information Distortions: Misinformation and Echo Chambers
  • Computational Propaganda: Trolls and Twitter Bots
  • Hate and Censorship
  • Managing our Social Selves