Diablo Valley College Latin American History Mexican Imperialism Discussion

Diablo Valley College Latin American History Mexican Imperialism Discussion


This week we are thinking about this question: What do these sources tell us about the role of religion and ritual in Inca OR Mexica imperialism?

1. Find a quotation or an image from either one of the primary sources that speaks to this question. Copy it into your post (you can describe it or screenshot it if it is an image), making sure to specify where you found it (including the page number).

2. Write a short paragraph below it (100 words max) answering the question and making sure to explain how the quote or image you have chosen supports your answer.

3. Ask a question of your own, prompted by this week’s readings and lectures.

Write a response post:

“The (drawing of the) cacique who is seated and labeled [as caaqut means that, for having rebelled against the lordship of Mexico, he was condemned by the lord of Mexico; he would be destroyed, together with the subjects of his town. And so the executioners, on orders from the lord of Mexico are informing him of die said condemnation; as a symbol, they indicate this with insignias that the executioners place on his head, and the shield they present him, so that he would not resist, and as guarantee of his distraction and devastation.” (Codex Mendoza, pg 136).

I found this passage to be quite interesting as an insight to the rituals of the leadership when someone rebelled against the lordship. This ritual is an important part of connecting with the lordship and gives a lot of insight into the role of religion in this region at this time. The shield is an interesting symbol, giving the cacique armor to defend himself as a way of sealing his fate. Even if the person rebelling is another person of power, the power the Mexica holds was much greater than the rest. Would it be considered disrespectful at the time to execute someone in a position of power in front of their subjects? Or is it a sign of power for the Mexica?