DH352 disabilities

DH352 disabilities


Darby Chapter 59: Disability and Healthcare

  1. Read assigned chapters and the PDF file of the wheelchair transfer. Be ready to practice with each other.
  2. What is People’s First Language? What are the examples of people-first language vs. non-people-first language? (Table 59.1)
  3. What are the barriers to healthcare for people with disabilities?
  4. For patients who cannot keep the mouth open, what dental clinician can use during treatment? How does it use?
  5. Can a patient be treated outside the dental chair? Is it recommended practice? What clinicians should avoid doing with patients who are physically disabled.
  6. Describe the details of the two-person lift wheelchair transfer procedure. Describe What clinicians should do and not do during wheelchair transfer. Also describe how to transfer patients from dental chair to wheelchair.

List complications that can occur for patients who are in wheelchairs during transfer and dental service.

PDF file:…