DePaul University Islam in The United States Questions

DePaul University Islam in The United States Questions


For a large Food Company, you have just been named Director of System. Your first task is to put together a plan for how the organization can identify, select, and determine which Systems to undertake for the 2023 Year. It must be in detail. 

As the system analyst for the Travel Project, your manager asked you to put together a plan to gather data for the Travel Application. Please identify your approach using the different data gathering techniques. Please include the methodology and clients to be interviewed. Please identify people who will participate in the process. You can make up names of individuals. If you are doing questionnaires who with. You must use real name sources. 

  • You plan to start a business to track cars if they are reported stolen. There will be an app that the customer can purchase. This app will connect with all car manufacturers and police authorities. Please define the components of a system:  hardware, people, processes, data, and software. 
  • Read the IS215 Mid Term Case Study and identify at least three problems. Include the problems and the so what/ business implications. Identify Six Scope items related to the case (3 screens, 2 reports and 1 interface) Please explain the scope items in detail and the importance to the Business. 
  • There are five feasibility types. Explain what they are and why they are important for how they are used in selecting a business system to move forward. You must give real examples.