David Lowery’s film review

David Lowery’s film review


Now that you’ve seen David Lowery’s adaptation of Gawain and the Green Knight, what is your opinion of the movie? Now, I’m looking for substance here, not “I really liked it” or “I really hated it.” Take a critical approach to the rather significant changes he made in his film. In doing so, I’d like you to read your last SWA (#2) and any comments I might have made.

You can also return to my list of things to think about from SWA #2 in writing this response: 

~the role of women in the poem  versus the film

~the role of magic in the poem versus the film

~competing masculinities in the film, or the concept of how masculinity is defined and/or portrayed in the poem versus the film. This is a highly subjective topic, so be specific.

~what do you think about the casting of the characters and the changes Lowery made to their roles in the film?

~what scenes added or detracted from your appreciation of the film?