DAV Public School The Cuban Missile Crisis Discussion

DAV Public School The Cuban Missile Crisis Discussion


This topic is Why do States Pursue Some Strategies and Not Others.

Assigned Questions:

Some of President Kennedy’s advisors suggested he launch a targeted military strike against Cuba in order to eliminate Russia’s nuclear missiles. Ultimately, he chose a different strategy. What strategy did Kennedy choose and why did he prefer this strategy to every other strategy including a military strike? Briefly discuss each of the other strategies and explain why Kennedy believed his choice was better than the others (Hint: assume that Kennedy, like all politicians, wanted to be re-elected.

Inside materials:

Avinash K. Dixit & Barry J. Nalebuff, “Strategic Moves,” Chapter 6 in The Art of Strategy. Pp. 173-200. 

Case: Ned Lebow, The Cuban Missile Crisis, CIAO Case Study.  

The ‘Strategic Moves’ should be searched by yourself online. Thanks.

Outside materials:

I need two or three outside articles to support this essay.

Memo Basic Outline:

1. Introductory Paragraph: Clearly state your argument

2. Body: Analyze, do not describe

– Answer all the questions being asked

– Use evidence to support your argument

– Use the readings / do outside research

– Discuss counter arguments / alternative arguments

3. Conclusion

4. Citation Page – Required

– When in doubt, cite!

– Purdue OWL

You should clearly state the argument in intro just which strategy is chosen by Kennedy and his reasons.