Data Transmission

Data Transmission


Question 1 (20 points)

Suppose you are tasked to setup a video Zoom meeting in your company conference room. Knowing that the conference room camera is Logitech Conference Video Conference Webcam, with Built-In Speakerphone. The microphone Bandwidth: 200 Hz – 8 kHz  and transmit video using a matrix of (1280 x 720) picture elements, where each element can take on one of 32 intensity values. Assume that 30 pictures are sent per second.

Find the video Data Rate R (bps). (10 points)

Assume that the Zoom conference is transmitted over a CAT5 10/100 Mbps Ethernet cable operating at 800-MHz bandwidth and a -35dB signal-to-noise ratio. Find the capacity of the channel (bps). (10 points)

Question 2 (10 points)

Consider a noiseless channel with a bandwidth of 7 kHz transmitting a signal with four signal levels.  What is the maximum bit rate, in bps, of this channel?

Question 3 (10 points)

You are tasked to create a network with minimum bandwidth capacity of  50 Mbps, the Network bandwidth of the channel is 45 MHz Assuming white thermal noise, what is the level of signal-to-noise ratio required to maintain the data rate?