Cybersecurity In Uh Maui Healthcare Case Study

Cybersecurity In Uh Maui Healthcare Case Study


Considered a best practice case study.  A major quality or compliance incident was identified and successfully resolved. 

Note: incidents related to human resources, ethics violations or finances are not considered quality or compliance incidents.

From an industry within scope of this course, or your current industry.

Issue can be linked to a regulation that has been violated, or a major quality system gap or breach.

Discussed in at least three peer-reviewed journals/references.

  • Piques your interest.

Within the past five years (unless approved by Professor).

Demonstrates your understanding and ability to analyze quality/compliance issues using systems/tools from course including the following sections:

Problem Statement: What is the problem? State clearly and concisely.

  • Measurements Taken: Measurements implemented to determine extent of the problem.

Quality System Tools: Identify quality systems tools applied/used to analyze and identify the root cause(s) of the problem. 

Analysis: Analyze solution(s) implemented for overall effectiveness and suitability to address the root cause(s). Was anything missed?

  • Sustainability: Will this issue/problem reoccur?

Effectiveness Measures: How will the solution be monitored for effectiveness? 

  • When writing your term paper:

Be professional.

  • Follow APA format for all written work.

Do not disclose confidential information without permission from your employer.

Finally, how can the learnings from this case study be applied to other industries in order to prevent similar problems from occurring?