Cyber Security Question

Cyber Security Question


1 = Consider the three learning objectives of this module:

a. Describe the different types of networking-based attacks

b. List the different network assessment tools

c. Explain how physical security defenses can be used

For each objective, write two or three sentences explaining what you learned about each of these objectives.

2 = Lock technology is changing and evolving rapidly. Use the internet to research physical locks, electronic locks, smart locks, and fingerprint locks.

Mention the strengths and weaknesses of each type of lock. Which would you recommend and why?

3 = Think about two team experiences you have had in the past – one that you consider successful and one that you consider unsuccessful. Write a brief synopsis of each of these.

Successful Team Experience: Describe what made this team successful. How were the outcomes achieved and how did the team work together?

Unsuccessful Team Experience: Describe why this team was not successful. Were outcomes not achieved? What challenges in working together did the team face?