CTU Critical Literacy in Elementary School Article Presentation

CTU Critical Literacy in Elementary School Article Presentation



This module focuses on the environmental and policy interventions to increase physical activity in a variety of settings. After completing this module’s assigned Learn material, you should be able to identify various settings that can implement interventions to increase access and outreach of physical activity, you should be able to identify barriers that are present in specific environments, and you should be able to recognize how planners are beginning to design communities to better incorporate physical activity. This module’s assignment is intended to be both fun and instructive as you will create a PowerPoint presentation that will highlight at least one environment from your reading. 


For this assignment, choose 1 (or more) environment introduced in Chapter 5 (i.e., built, urban, worksite, etc.) and create a slideshow for that environment that includes text and photos/graphics, which must be cited in current APA format.

The presentation must include the following:

Text includes:

The issues/challenges of the chosen environment that may prevent physical activity.

The importance of physical activity in the chosen environment. 

At least 1 intervention technique within the chosen environment.

  • Photos and/or graphics

Biblical inspiration