CSUS Man vs Woman Discussion

CSUS Man vs Woman Discussion


Article Guidelines

Use the assignment outline below to get started with your research; refer to the chapter’s assignment guidelines for ideas, leads and direction. You can also choose a question from the objectives document, corresponding to your chosen sub-topic. Your article should be composed and submitted in a MS Document (doc, docx, or pdf) and include the following:

  1. Format – One to one and a half page (600-750 words) compose your article. Must follow the writing guidelines, works cited, one primary source, footnotes, page/word limit, correct grammar, error free.
  2. Content – Begin with a brief introductory paragraph (e.g., “I will demonstrate, through [your specific example] that [your argument for or against the main thesis from the introduction].”) Must include the chosen sub-topic, a brief introductory paragraph that lays out the context and what you are planning to write about, naming evidence to be discussed.
  3. Support – Begin by introducing your evidence (Identifying information on your example(s)). Must include evidence and analysis of the information, visual or literary, explaining how it contributes to the sub-topic’s thesis, and the chapter’s overarching theme.
  4. Analysis – Must address form and content analyses of visual or literary works, through interpretive skills and use of iconography, linking back to evidence and support.
  5. add pictures

It is required to use at least one primary source in your research, properly cited under the bibliography for this chapter.