CSN History Essay

CSN History Essay


The essay has to argue if uprisings in governments that are dictatorships are inevitable or contingent on a some specific factors.

The assigned prompt is prompt 1 (Contingency/Inevitability)

These two readings have to be used.

– Leenders Onset of Uprising in Syria

– Rabinovich Valensi Syrian Requiem

Syria has to be one of the countries used in the essay. You can choose any other which will support your thesis from the attached readings. You can use Yemen, Tunisia, or Egypt but only information from the readings (no outside sources). Not all attached readings are compulsory except those 2 mentioned above. You have to mention at least two counties and one of them has to be Syria. (I could only attach 5 files, I have 6 more which I’ll attach after)

Use APA or MLA referencing.