CRMJ 1020 Columbia State Community College Legal Process Essay

CRMJ 1020 Columbia State Community College Legal Process Essay


Answer questions 1-11 separately and answer each question with 5-7 sentences

Only use the pictures I uploaded because those are from the book and that’s the only source allowed. “Criminal Law” 13th edition. You don’t have to cite your work since it will be coming directly from the book.

Questions 1-11:

1. Identify the three branches of government. Describe the responsibilities of each of the branches regarding the criminal law.

2. Define mens rea. Define actus reus. Explain the differences between the two.

3. What are the strict liability crimes and why are some behaviors considered illegal even though the defendant had no criminal intent? Give examples of strict liability crimes.

4. Describe the crime of solicitation and give examples of solicitation crimes.

5. Distinguish between the method of imposing criminal liability upon a child under age 7 and a child of age 14.

6. Identify the three key points for determining when force is justified. What factors might a court or jury take into account in determining if force was justified?

7. Under what circumstances are police officers justified in using non-deadly force to make an arrest? Provide 2-3 examples.

8. Explain how the defense of duress differs from a necessity defense. Give an example of each.

9. Explain the doctrine of transferred intent and describe the crimes that it applies to.

10. Define “corpus delicti.” Explain how a defendant may be prosecuted for murder when the victim’s body has not been found.

11. Name one right that is in the Tennessee Constitution and NOT in the US Constitution.