Criminal Profiling

Criminal Profiling


See the document in Module 4 entitled “Criminal Profiling Assignment Document.” It contains brief descriptions of several criminal incidents, two letters supposedly written by the perpetrator and the Holmes Organized/Disorganized offender typology, Part I and II. Your task is to use the Organized/Disorganized Offender Typology and attempt to classify or characterize the offender based on the evidence and letters (i.e. create a profile of a suspect(s)).  Who or what type of person are we looking for and how did you come to this conclusion?

You are permitted to use additional resources found in Chapter 8 of the course text, internet resources, etc. At least two pages are required.

Here are the issues to address in your response:

  1. Attempt to classify and describe the offender(s) using characteristics of the typology
  2. Rationalize or justify why you arrived at the conclusion that you did
  3. Discuss your opinion of the usefulness, ease or difficulty, validity, and reliability of using this typology to classify offenders.