Controlling and Leading Discussion

Controlling and Leading Discussion


The last two functions of management are leading and controlling. These functions are important because leading is where you set goals, initiate action, communicate and motivate employees to a higher level of productivity, and controlling is where you evaluate the results, check for errors, and/or make corrective actions.

Continue adding to your previous parts of the project per your template and write an essay of at least 300 words. In your essay, include two (2) new scholarly resources not previously used and address the following:

1.  Describe how your leadership style will be instrumental in launching your new idea.  (This is important to show how your leadership is instrumental in the success of this idea to your boss and senior leadership. They need the confidence in you to execute this idea and ensure throughout the implementation process there are control measures and processes for feedback). 

2.  Explain the control points of your new idea:

     2a. Explain how the company will evaluate the product or service?

     2b.  Describe how the company will receive feedback about the product or service?

     2c.  Define how the company will address either a poor product or service?