Considering Your Audience Discussion

Considering Your Audience Discussion


M7.3 Discussion: Considering Your Audience

Diversity and Inclusion

KaShauna Kynard

Hello Team,

I am here to discuss a holistic effort of worldwide listening session and examine racial disparity in the workplace

The benefits of employees will be consistency with educating employee’s individual backgrounds, beliefs experiences, preferences and behaviors. We all want to achieve a work environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully.

We want employees to have equal access to opportunities and resources and contribute fully to the organizations success. When we have these elements we contribute to a healthy and happy working environment!

To meet the demands of today’s ever-changing, complex and uncertain environment we will focus on: skills, backgrounds and cultural differences that drive a person’s way of thinking. We will also focus on Equal Opportunity in regards to religion, sex, race, disability, sexual orientation and age. We want to set the foundation for inclusion and diversity. Our employees will be the representation of our diverse society. We still want our diverse force to continue to have opportunities for improvement.

This presentation is to a mystery audience I will prepare my presentation to ensure I capture all levels of diversity and ensuring I capture every element of diversity so everyone feels included.