Concordia University Wisconsin Christianity and Computer Science

Concordia University Wisconsin Christianity and Computer Science

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The Biblical text makes a distinction between knowledge and wisdom (ie, these two things are not the same). To begin to understand the difference, look up each word in a good dictionary. A better place to see the differences is in the Bible. Reading the first few chapters in the book of Proverbs will give you some insight. You might also consider,

James 1:5 (wisdom); James 2:19 (knowledge); James 1:22-25, and Proverbs 8.

If you don’t have a hardcopy Bible, you can access it online here:

In Information Technology data and information are not the same thing. Simplistically, data is input and information is output, but the differences are deeper than that.

Explain the differences between data and information in IT.

Could the Biblical concept of wisdom be compared to the IT concept of information?