Concordia University Nebraskia Business Principles Presentation

Concordia University Nebraskia Business Principles Presentation


The foundations and functions of the major sport industry have provided ample opportunity for you to learn about the specific components and elements needed in a Personal Professional Brand (PPB). As you consider the next steps on your professional sport journey, you will create a power point presentation (no more than 20 slides) outlining the following elements of your PPB that will be a core component of your professional portfolio – imagine you are delivering this presentation to a potential employer.

The PPB needs to include information discussion your

  • Business skills- indicating your core business principles
  • Sport literacy – indicating your fluency and knowledge in all aspects of the industry
  • Network – ability to recognize and engage future partners/partnerships
  • Experience – highlight your commitment and connection to the sport industry and indicate your willingness and ability to move from sport concepts to sport action

This power point presentation will be the centerpiece of your professional presentation to potential employers. Each slide should contain pertinent and focused concepts for the PBP and the NOTE SECTION on each slide should expand the information on the slide – slides need to be succinct while the note sections need to be more elaborate and descriptive.

Google ‘creating effective power point presentations’ for additional suggestions and ideas.

(LO 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7)