COMS 321 Santa Monica College The Future of Work Essay

COMS 321 Santa Monica College The Future of Work Essay


For this assignment, you and your writing partner exchange your drafts of your “The future of work” essay, review and edit that draft, and discuss the process of reviewing and editing.

Review of partner’s draft

Again, the purpose of this exchange is for the both of you to help each other on those drafts. Check the draft in the areas for which your partner wanted help. Check your partner’s grammar, word usage, punctuation, spelling, and mechanics. Confirm that your partner’s content is accurate and completed. Do all their sentences make sense? Could the sentences be revised to be more concise and easier for the reader to understand? Provide all the help that you wish someone would provide you.

Since this essay involved using sources, carefully review how your partner used those sources to support their argument. Also check their in-text citations along with their Works Cited page.

Return draft with useful comments

Once you have completed a good review of your partner’s draft, then return the draft with your comments to your partner. And your partner should do the same with you.

Prepare this assignment

After you have reviewed your partner’s comments and submitted your final paper, provide the following information for this assignment. You can provide this information as a text entry, a video that you link to for your response, or a paper (no more than 2 pages, double spaced). I have no preference on the medium that you choose to present your analysis.

Analysis of editing process

Your review of partner’s draft paper

How did you feel about reviewing and editing your partner’s draft this second time?

What did you think about your partner’s arguments about the future of work?

Did your partner use sources effectively? Explain

What advice or suggestions did you offer your partner about using sources and citing to those sources?

Your partner’s review of your draft paper

How did you feel about your partner reviewing and editing your draft paper? Explain

Did your partner offer you useful suggestions?

Did you follow any of your partner’s suggestions? All of them? Some? Explain your rationale for accepting your partner’s suggestions.

What would you do differently about this process?