Computer Science Question

Computer Science Question


Q.1) The CEO would like combine  traditionally distinct voice, video, and data communications networks into a common infrastructure. And, he focuses on the integration of real-time communication services as well.

The Parameters of RedStar Mobile Phone Accessory LLC:  150 Employees, 85 Desktop Computer, 80 Laptop commuters, 25 Printers, 100 desktop phones, 100 Cameras (some of them are on the  computers) and work-related voice mailboxes for each employee. There is need for real-time collaboration among team members in sales department. And,  there will be  direct communication  with the suppliers ( Business to Business Communication ) 

As the  IT Manger

Question 1- Explain Business Benefits of Unified Communications for RedStar

Question  2- The possible Management Issues you would anticipate when the new IT system implemented

Q.2) BUSINESS CASE  Central City  Insurance Company needs your service to establish new IT network. 

Main parameters of the given case.

Insurance Company has five story office building in the city. There are five offices in that building.  In each office there will be

25 desktop computers

15 portable/laptop computers and need wireless connection (WiFi)

One network printer for all employees in each section.

All office computers must have access to network 

So, there are five local area networks in the building.

TASK: You should be developing and drawing three network diagrams. You name must be written in each diagram. You should label  all network devices in your diagrams.

Question 1: A develop and draw network diagram of LOCAL AREA NETWORK for one Office Section only. You will be presenting only one of the LANs in the building. Draw only one LAN considering one of the offices in the main building.

Question 2: A draw the block diagram for INTRANET to connect all LANs in the main building. All computers in the main building will be connected to each other with this network. There is one database  for customer all transactions. All computers in the main building should have access to this database.  

  • Here you should represent all LANs by using simplified LAN diagram that was covered during the virtual class. 
  • Question 3: Finally, you should be connection all computers in the main building   to the INTERNET as well.
  • Use to an external site. to develop/draw three network diagrams. And place them in your MS Word document and upload.