Communication Code of Conduct

Communication Code of Conduct


This week you will apply the knowledge you have learned to develop 10 rules for successful intercultural communication.

Imagine that you have been hired as a consultant for a global hospitality company. This company is comprised of a collection of hotels that are located in over 20 countries and on three continents. These hotels cater to both business and leisure travelers and are primarily located in large urban centers.

In an attempt to improve customer satisfaction ratings, the organization is seeking to increase the intercultural communication competency of all employees. They hope that additional training will help increase customer satisfaction, ease employee stress, and help the company continue to grow on a global scale.

To assist the organization in their mission, you must create a Communication Code that can be rolled out to employers for training purposes. Your code must include

  • a mission statement;
  • 10 rules for successful intercultural communication;
  • a list of three resources for additional training; and
  • five discussion questions to help the organization facilitate its training program.