COM 100 SUNY at Buffalo Proposal Memorandum

COM 100 SUNY at Buffalo Proposal Memorandum


1. Choose a topic for your Formal Technical Report

2. Submit a Proposal Memo to me telling me your plans for the Formal Technical Report.If it helps, imagine that before you can start work on the Formal Report, you are required to get your topic andresearch plans approved by me.

You may choose to write about a problem or situation at our college, in your workplace, in your hometown, in yourchild’s school, etc. You could research the feasibility of a new business or project, or of a policy change at thecollege or your place of employment. A good topic for the Formal Report does at least one of the following:▪ Helps the reader solve a problem.▪ Persuades the reader to take action to improve a situation.▪ Helps the reader to make a difficult decision