Colorado State University Global English Paper

Colorado State University Global English Paper



In Module 1, you were asked to review the assignment instruction for the Module 8 Portfolio Project. The themes for this course include:

Closing the Gap Between College and Career

Closing the Gap Between Military Service and Civilian Career

Science Writing and the Public (Secular Science)

  • Enterprising America and the World
  • You will choose a theme path in this module and will develop and build on this theme path throughout your course of study in this class.
  • As an academic writer, it is vital to form a working thesis about your topic early, so that you can shape your research and form an inquiry plan about the research material that you will be using.  Keeping this in mind, you will need to select and analyze key concepts of the topic early in the research process.  As such, be cognizant of the theses or the claims made by the authors who write in your chosen path as you read the literature tied to your theme.
  • Instructions

For this Critical Thinking Assignment, you are to develop a summary response essay.  This should build on the work you submitted to the discussion board for this week.   Be sure to accurately decipher your assignment. Review the following link for more information on this topic:

Instructions for writing a summary response paper are included in the lecture. Be sure to refer to these prior to delving into the content of your paper.  Your paper should accomplish the following:

Introduction: Thesis statement, information about the article.

Be sure to note key information in the article: author, time and place of publication, and article title.

Be sure to note the main thesis of the article that includes the authors’ key ideas and intentions.

  • Summary: Your analysis of the article.  Be sure to write in the objective third person.

Refer to the author and not the article during your examination of key points as articles are inanimate.

Response (body paragraphs): Note where you agree, or disagree with ideas, and points the author asserts in the article.

Be sure to paraphrase and cite in-text as you develop academic paragraphs that have a topic sentence, evidence, and analysis of the ideas you are exploring.

Conclusion: Note the main implications of the article, any gaps you see in the research, or where you think you can look further for information.

Expand on your group discussion post in which you summarized an article.