College American Twins Discussion

College American Twins Discussion


The Jim Twins

Jim Springer and Jim Lewis were separated at 4 weeks old. They are identical twins. They did not see each other again until age 39. They had many similarities in their life paths despite of being separated. 

Here is an interview with the Jim Twins from YouTube. It lasts about 10:51 minutes. This story will give some context to the topics we will learn about this week. 

Robert Winston_The Jim TwinsLinks to an external site.Robert Winston_The Jim Twins

How does the nature vs. nurture controversy support or fail to explain the similarities in the life of the Jim Twins?  Is it nature or nurture that shapes us? Make sure to support your response with information from the text or some additional research. Cite your source at the end of your discussion.  With the Jim Twins is it a coincidence that they had so many of the same likes, dislikes, habits, and careers or was it something deep inside of them (nature)? Remember they were adopted by two different families when they only 3 weeks old and did not meet in person until they were about 39 years old. 

Have you known any twins?   Do they have a lot in common?

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