College American NFL & the Anthem Essay

College American NFL & the Anthem Essay


Step 1 Review the Research Process 

Step 2 Choose a Cause to Become a Change Agent for Today

Research some current issues and choose one to align your efforts towards. 

Some ideas:

Racial Justice

Immigration Laws

Healthcare Disparities with Covid-19

Policing in the US

Poverty and Education 

Here is a list of ideas (Links to an external site.) to consider. 

Step 3 Locate 2 Articles on your Cause  

Choose 2 articles on your cause to use as research for your essay.

One news article on the issue from a reputable source

New York Times

Washington Post 


One scholarly article on the issue from a reputable source.

Step 4 Complete a Reading Response Annotation Worksheet for the Scholarly Article 

Perform each step as directed in the handout 

Provide MLA citations as needed

Step 5 Write a Short Summary of the News Article

Write a 150 word summary of the news article about your topic. 

What is the argument/problem/issue?

What are its the main points?

What are some solutions? 

What 2 quotes can you use to support your ideas? 

  • Step 6 Save and Submit Both Documents
  • Annotation worksheet for the scholarly article on your cause. 
  • Summary of the news article on your cause.