College American Eleanor Roosevelt Worksheet

College American Eleanor Roosevelt Worksheet



Step 1 Watch this video 

Step 2 Locate 1 News Article on Your Agent of Change 

Locate a Newspaper article or scholarly article about the actual person (Agent of Change) from a reputable source.

New York Times

Washington Post 


For example: Cesar Chavez

News article (from a reputable source) on Person NPR Life Review of Cesar ChavezLinks to an external site.

Step 4 List the Characteristics of Your Agent of Change 

After reading the news article on your Agent of Change and doing some further research, please list at least 10 attributes that made him/her a solid and successful Agent of Change in a Word doc. 

Step 5 Locate 1 Scholarly Article on His/Her Cause 

Locate a scholarly article on his/her cause.

For example: Cesar Chavez

Scholarly Article on Migrant Workers (Cause) Immigration Reform and Farm Labor MarketsLinks to an external site. 

Carefully read and annotate your chosen article(s). Keep your notes, as you will fill out the annotation worksheet for submission. 

Step 6 Complete Reading Response Annotation Worksheet for the Scholarly Article 

Perform each step as directed in the handout