CNL 520 GCU Career Counseling Needs Presentation

CNL 520 GCU Career Counseling Needs Presentation


Read the Case Study Scenarios and choose between one of the hypothetical cases of Mei Lei, Lakeesha, or Vincent. With the understanding that you are a career counselor, analyze the client’s career counseling needs in accordance with one of the following career theories: Super; Holland; Dawis, & Lofquist; Krumboltz; and Lent, Brown, & Hackett. Within your analysis, explore the contextual issues within the case related to culture and family and develop a tentative plan for assisting this client with their career development needs. Create a 10-14-slide presentation that captures the following information:

Basic demographics such as age, sex, race, and education

Career development thus far

  • Reason(s) (external and internal) for seeking career counseling
  • Any unique problems or situations that may influence the counseling session (e.g., disability, economic problems, mental health problems, cultural considerations, relationships, or life roles) and how you would address these issues
  • A detailed overview of your career theory of choice. Be sure to identify the major concepts associated with the theory
  • An explanation of how the career theory’s major concepts could be used to conceptualize (understand) your client’s situation and counseling needs and/or guide your selection of helping strategies and techniques.
  • Information needed for the initial assessment
  • Steps in the career development process
  • Four career resources (two online and two local) that may be useful in facilitating the career development of the client
  • At least two career assessment tools you would use to facilitate the career development process and discuss how the results of each assessment tool may benefit the client.
  • Application of one ethical principle
  • Application of at least two standards from the NCDA Code of Ethics