CMP 640_Project 1_Step 2-3

CMP 640_Project 1_Step 2-3


Step 2: Research Critical Infrastructure Concerns

After defining the scope of work, you are ready to begin updating the MDM policy. In order to determine the effectiveness of the current policy, research what critical infrastructure protection concerns affect compliance.

Consider the following list to guide your research: 

  • impact      of cyberattacks on critical infrastructure as defined by the Patriot Act      of 2001
  • technologies      used in critical infrastructure cyberattacks
  • cybersecurity      defense principles that should be used to counter these cyberattacks
  • cybersecurity      policy framework that should be employed to minimize the opportunity for a      successful critical infrastructure cyberattack

Document the findings since they will be used in upcoming steps. In the next step, you will itemize those concerns.

Step 3: Itemize Critical Infrastructure Concerns

Using notes taken from the completed research in the last step, itemize the findings in a table or spreadsheet titled Crucial Concerns Worksheet that assesses:

  • The      impact of cyberattacks on critical infrastructure as initiated by the      Patriot Act of 2001 and later refined by the Department of Homeland      Security (DHS).
  • The      technologies used in critical infrastructure cyberattacks. Especially      consider which and how technologies may exploit mobile device vulnerabilities.
  • Cybersecurity      defense principles should be used to counter these cyberattacks.

This itemized list of critical infrastructure concerns will be expanded to include an evaluation of cyber-physical systems in the next step so that you can later align critical concerns to MDM policy. It will also be included as an appendix to the updated MDM policy presentation for the board of directors. Submit the Crucial Concerns Worksheet for feedback.