Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering


You are the construction manager for a high-rise residential development. The General Contractor has informed you that the project is on schedule and on budget. He has provided a schedule of the structural framing and glazing for you to review. You notice a few issues with the logic to complete all the exterior glass/glazing, which will dry-in the structure and allow for the start of the interior finishes:

Assume there is only one crane, at a cost of $2,000 per day, which can service both the framing and glazing activities, concurrently.The schedule also contains no weather days, and the historical average in the area is 5 days per month of high winds that would prevent crane use.

As the construction manager you have some concerns about how these logistical problems will impact the budget.

Task List:Look at the provided Gantt Chart Download Gantt Chartand figure out how many days the crane will be needed on site

.Fill in the missing spots in the range estimating chart below to reflect the changes with the crane. You must also take into consideration the weather days that would cause the crane to stay on site but not be used due to high winds. 

For this example you can assume an optimistic outcome of 2 weather days, pessimistic of 9 weather days, and most likely average of 4 weather days per month.

What is the new optimistic budget for this project?