Chapter 6 & 7 Discussion

Chapter 6 & 7 Discussion


Part A

Your small home health care service company of about 50 workers has traditionally recruited employees using newspaper print advertisements. Applications have been decreasing from these ads, so you are looking for alternative ways to generate more applicant flow. The company president has requested that you, the HR department, prepare an overview of how educational/academic and Internet recruiting efforts might improve the recruiting traffic.

As an individual member of the HR department, state one pro and one con of any of these new methods and compare them to newspaper recruiting.

Part B 

What will your company need to do differently to actively use educational/academic and referrals as you compete with other employers for qualified applicants?

As you recruit home health care professionals, identify the niche websites that you recommend be used for your Internet postings and the reasons for your recommendations. Identify possible educational/academic sources in your region.

  1. Review the job description on (Links to an external site.) to identify essential job functions and qualifications of a health care worker. Describe two selection techniques you would use for hiring a home health care worker for your firm. You could use specific tests, specific kinds of interviews with questions, and other best practices appropriate for this kind of position. Use Chapter 7 as your resource for this.