CC Psychology Animals Language Capacity Discussion

CC Psychology Animals Language Capacity Discussion

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what’s your opinion on the evidence for and against the idea that animals are capable of language? I lean more on the side that animals don’t truly use language. Even the chimpanzees and gorillas that have learned sign language may not be really using it as a language or understanding that what they are doing is language.

I want not only your opinions but some evidence. Is there hard evidence of animals truly grasping the concept of language? Do a little research and present some findings. What case can be made for, or against, the notion that animals have the ability to acquire and use true language?

By the way, don’t get too hung up on the physical aspects of language production. A parrot mimicking words likely does not have a grasp of the language. But someone who is mute, although unable to produce spoken words, can still understand them. That person may also use sign language or writing to convey their own ideas. So, language does not require speech. Online courses really highlight this point. Writing is not a required aspect of language. In fact, until fairly recently the majority of people could not read or write. Yet, they were still fluent in their spoken languages. There are also a number of cases where the spoken language differs a great deal from the written language, even some languages with no written form at all.