CBCC Physician Patient Contracts Case Question

CBCC Physician Patient Contracts Case Question

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Consider what you learned in your readings about contracts; also consider the concept of Patient Responsibilities (Chapter 12).  The relationship between a physician and patient is an implied contract. Either party may terminate the relationship.  The physician must comply by certain rules – he or she cannot discriminate based upon race, color religion, national origin or sexual orientation, or any other basis that could be considered discrimination. 

A physician decides to terminate a relationship with a patient because the patient does not follow the physician’s plan of care; when the patients condition becomes acute,  the patient calls the office frequently with complaints and request to speak with the MD.  The patient has a chronic disease and the patient’s condition deteriorates because of non-compliance with the MD’s prescribed treatment plan.  Consider the elements of the contract, where does the breach of contract occur that supports the MD’s decision to terminate the contract?  Is the physician’s decision ethical? Explain why it is and it is not.