CAU COVID And Employee Engagement Case Study

CAU COVID And Employee Engagement Case Study

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1. Answer the following question with 250 words:

Because of the pessures of COVID19, your clinic has experienced a spike in the amount of work that needs to be done. You are understaffed and your employees are overworked and burned out. You fear losing more employees and you’re exploring ways to ensure that you manage your operation well during this difficult time. How do you acknowledge your employees’ committment and hard work while creating a work environment that allows your employees to address the need to rest and disconnect? In your answer be sure to explain how you could accomplish your goal with limited resources and an increased workload for everyone. Be creative and think outside the box. End your post with a question to your classmates.

2. According to this case:

Hanson Rehabilitation Hospital is a 40-bed short-stay, residential treatment center spe-cially designed and staffed to provide care for individuals rehabbing from hip replace-ment surgery. A hospital of this nature must have a caring, engaged staff dedicated to providing excellent care and high levels of customer service. Management, recog-nizing the correlation between satisfied employees and satisfied patients, routinely conducts employee satisfaction surveys.At a recent management team meet-ing, the hospital’s CEO discussed the upcoming employee survey and asked each team member what they had done in their respective departments to improve the satisfaction scores of their employees since the last survey. The director of physi-cal therapy indicated that he had insti-tuted a recognition program that entailed surveying the patients on a weekly basis and asking them about the therapists that provided therapy for them. The thera-pists that received the most compliments received a thank-you note and coffee shop gift card, plus were acknowledged at the departmental staff meetings. The director felt that the employees were really moti-vated by this program; and those that had received the recognition were very proud of the accomplishment.

Answer the following questions

1. What is the value of routinely conduct-ing employee engagement surveys?

2. Why would the director of physical ther-apy’s recognition program potentially improve the departmental employee engagement survey scores?