Case briefs  should be one page in length (single spaced), use 12-point Times New  Roman font and one-inch margins, and list citations and references in  APA format. 
Read and brief Seamons v. Snow.

Additionally,  answer the following questions: Should a 16- or 17-year-old high school  football player alleged to have committed an act of hazing be tried as  an adult? Why or why not?

Case Citation: Plaintiff v. Defendant, Volume Source Page (Court Date)  (e.g., Allen v. Dover Co-Recreational Softball League, 148 N.H. 407  (2002)) Body (one paragraph for each element):  

Facts: Outline the pertinent facts in the case, highlighting those  with bearing on the court’s final decision. Issues: Present the specific  legal question(s) before the court. If the court raised/addressed  multiple issues, address each separately. Your issues should be  concisely stated in question form and specific, not generalizations.  

Holding (Decision): Outline the final decision of the court in this  case. Answer the questions that you stated in the issues section.  

Rationale: Your brief should conclude with a summary of the  explanation by the court of its findings. Why did the court answer the  legal question in the manner that it did?  

Additional Questions/Discussion: In some of the case briefs  additional discussion questions have been provided for you to answer.  Provide a brief (no more than one page, single spaced) answer to these  questions. You must justify and support your answers.