Case Study

Case Study


The outline you must use for the discussion papers is as follows:

2. State which intervention model you are discussing – include creator(s) of theory and circumstances surrounding the development

3. What are the key features of the intervention model? This includes the theory behind the model and what the model says about human nature, how problems develop, and how the model is designed to address those problems.

4. Provide an example about how you would apply the model to your case. How would you use the interventions with the case? How does the theory in general apply to the case? 

5. Give a brief statement about which aspects of the model would be most helpful, and why (or why not). Use the literature to support your statements regarding the strengths and limitations of the theory. Please also include if you would or would not use the theory in practice, and why (or why not).

Addresses competencies 1, 4, 6, 7, and 8.

Key things to remember when writing each of the discussion papers for one of the theories presented in the content modules. These four papers should be:

5-6 pages each, excluding title and reference pages, with 3 or more references from required texts and the literature of the theories as applied to the case.

As with all papers, your discussion will need to be supported from the readings and other external sources. Note that you will need to refer to the class readings, and you will lose points if you do not

They need to be properly cited according to APA requirements and will be graded on the basis of correct formatting.

At the beginning of the semester all of you will have been given a case that we as a class will be following throughout the course. We will take as much time as possible to discuss the case and your thoughts about how the intervention model could be applied to the case. This will give you some foundation for how you can discuss the case in your discussion paper.

Your discussion papers are to be submitted according to the due dates are listed in the course outline, so it is a good idea to write your thoughts down as they are being discussed. You are only required to submit one report on one intervention model that has been covered in class.