Capital College Develop Organizational Strategies Case Study

Capital College Develop Organizational Strategies Case Study


Case Study A – Melody Music Academy

Melody music academy is an independently ran education centre for the arts that aims its services at youth ages 8-18.

The organisation employs tutors and youth outreach workers to provide lessons and devise community projects. The values of the organisation are to make music education accessible to many at all levels of skills and experience.

Emi is drafting a strategic plan to cover the next 24 months. Emi has been asked to set three objectives and identify goals that can be set to achieve the overall objective.

Emi has come up with:

Objective One: Educate the community

  • Strengthen and for new tertiary partnerships
  • Engage with pre-existing clubs who may desire the services
  • Facilitate opportunities for mentoring
  • Provide greater access to teacher education and professional learning.

Objective Two: Resource and support our community

  • Develop an online portal to share resources and for members to use as a means of communication
  • Commission new Australian music
  • Draw on the community for inspiration and new talents.

Objective Three: Research and advocate for our community

  • Provide a representative for art projects within the community
  • Engage with the community to create desired arts and projects.

Emi is now to develop some of her ideas further with the help of stakeholders from the company.In this task you will be providing Emi from Case Study A with feedback and assisting her in developing her ideas further.

You will act both an adviser and a stakeholder in this regard.

Your objectives in this task are:

1) Identify the five elements of the strategic planning process as listed below:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Objectives
  • Strategies
  • Tactics

2) Acting as a stakeholder in the business provide constructive feedback in relation to her listed objectives

This should include at minimum the following:

  • 2- 3 ideas;
  • 2 questions;
  • Your overall opinion and
  • 2 additional areas to explore.

3) Draft at least 2 additional objectives that the music school should consider including in their strategic plan