BUSS 340 BSC Lean Operations Paper

BUSS 340 BSC Lean Operations Paper


  • Explain why a Lean approach is so important in creating a strong operation to facilitate meeting/beating the competition.
  • Do some outside research and locate another company, other than the ones covered this week, that uses the Toyota Production Model.  Provide an overview of the company, including when they implemented this system. 
  • Describe the obstacles and improvements for your selected company.


Read the article, Subsidiary Initiative at LEGO North America and watch the  17:08-minute video titled The LEGO Story, which touch upon some important elements that we have been studying including quality, culture, detail, and  teamwork. Submit a 500-word essay that address the following: ? Identify what type of forecast planning method is being used at LEGO.  Do you think it is an efficient process? Explain your answer.  ? Discuss opportunities, in terms of capacity planning, LEGO can utilize  for growth in a global environment  ? Evaluate LEGO’s current capacity planning method and make  recommendations for implementing a new capacity planning method.  Include justification for your recommendation.  ? Include four scholary sources (including the article provided and the  video) to justify your findings/recommendations. The LEGO Story – 


Current times dictate that a company must be nimble, agile, and quick to implement both products and technologies.  In your own words, explain the considerations that a company must undertake to be “Lean” and quick to adapt. Tie in a company not in this week’s readings that, to you, is an example of such an organization.  Explain why the company will excel either now or in the future based on its design, logistics, or supply chain sustainability.