Business Ethics, Amazon Ethical Proposal/Report

Business Ethics, Amazon Ethical Proposal/Report


You are expected to develop or create an ethical proposal for the company Amazon, and determine the best ethical process suitable for the company. Apply the 5 Step Ethical Decision-making Process to identify the ethical issue or dilemma within Amazon and to determine the best solution or outcome.

The ethical scenario is described and based on this article about Amazon…

Apply the following steps in the process. 

Step 1: Recognize an ethical issue 

– Identify the problem? 

– What type of ethical issue is it? Brainstorm the concepts in the case.

1. Determine what the ethical issue or dilemma is with your chosen company. 

2. Identify key words or concepts. 

3. Why has this issue or dilemma surfaced? 

4. Could this decision or situation be damaging to someone or to some group? 

5. Is this issue about more than what is legal or what is most efficient? If so, how?

Step 2: Get the facts 

-Determine what, who, when, where and how of the ethical situation/issue. 

1. What are the relevant facts of the case? What facts are not known? What more can be learned about the situation? Is there enough information to work on or does more research be required? 

2. Who are the individuals and groups involved? Who is responsible for the cause and the outcome of this issue? 

3. What is the cause and effect of the issue? 

4. What are the factors that contributed to this issue? 

5. What moral philosophy would you adopt in this situation?

Step 3: Evaluate alternative actions 

– Determine possible courses of action best suited to the situation. 

1. Identify principles/rules/values that can contribute to the action. 

2. Identify the major factors that contribute negatively and positively to the issue. 

3. Who are the stakeholders that will be impacted by the decision? 

4. What legal compliance would need to be followed? 

Step 4: Make a decision and test It 

1. Considering Steps 1-4, which decision would be the best decision for the situation? 

2. As a leader what type of leadership would you recommend for this case? 

3. Who are the stakeholders involved in making the final decision? 

4. How would the decision that has been decided upon be tested? Are there any recommendations? 

Step 5: Act and Reflect on the Outcome 

1. How can your decision be implemented with the greatest care and attention to the concerns of all stakeholders? 

2. How did your decision turn out and what have you learned from this specific situation? 

3. Do you feel the decision is ethical or not?