BUL3583- Kivalina v. Exxon Mobil Issue Evaluation

BUL3583- Kivalina v. Exxon Mobil Issue Evaluation


Read the Native Village of Kivalina and City of Kivalina v. Exxonmobil Corp., et al, 663 F. Supp. 2d 863, case ( ATTACHED BELOW)  and analyze it pursuant to the Issue Evaluation Format.  The format is provided in the Issue Evaluation Form (ATTACHED BELOW).  Be sure to watch this tutorial (ATTACHED BELOW) on how to complete the form.  Points will be deducted for failing to follow the issue evaluation format, including appropriate headings for each section.

You must use proper sentence structure and for the facts and rationale section proper paragraph structure as well.  

This is a case evaluation which means you’re restricted to the case only.  You may not use any sources other than the case itself.

tutorial vid attached below: