Broward College Therapeutic Value of Fetal Heart Rate Questions

Broward College Therapeutic Value of Fetal Heart Rate Questions

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1. Discuss the significance of fetal heart rate variability and the meaning of minimal, moderate, marked, absent, sinusoidal, and undetected variability.

2. Identify the components assessed when assigning Apgar scores and how

each of these components is assessed.

3. What maternal assessments should be conducted during the first few hours following a

vaginal delivery?

4. Explain risk factors and possible maternal and fetal complications of pre-eclampsia.

5. Describe signs (including lab findings) and symptoms of pre-eclampsia.

6. Identify nursing interventions that may need to be implemented in a client with preeclampsia.

7. Identify the types of venous thromboembolic disorders (VTE)? Explain the etiology of VTE.

8. Identify the risk factors for developing venous thromboembolic disorders?

9. What pregnancy associated anatomic and physiologic changes increase the risk of VTE?

10. Identify the signs and symptoms manifested by women with VTE during pregnancy and after

delivery. What are the nursing assessments that will suspect VTE?

11. Identify the nursing interventions that contribute to the woman’s treatment regimen?

12. Explain how the nurse will educate the woman about the diagnosis and treatment in the

hospital and discharge planning?