Boston University Do Not Feed the Monkeys Game Critique

Boston University Do Not Feed the Monkeys Game Critique


For this assignment, I’d like you to continue to work on the Annotated Bibliography that you started for the Annotated Bibliography 1 and the Annotated Bibliography 2 assignments. Please add a minimum of three (3) additional entries, at least two of which should be a scholarly, peer-reviewed article or book. (You may submit the same document that you submitted for the Annotated Bibliography 1 and Annotated Bibliography 2 assignments, simply adding the new entries. Of course, you should also feel free to edit your previous entries, if you’ve started to understand them more fully.)

Here is a reminder of some things to consider when you’re working on your Annotated Bibliography :

When you choose sources to summarize, you should select ones that contain evidence and make claims that will help you craft the argument(s) central to your research project. In other words, these sources should be ones that help you define and describe the ideological context as well as the causes and consequences of the problem you are investigating. Note: You do not necessarily need to agree with the arguments of these sources, since you will likely want to refer to sources in your project that make claims that you will try to disprove.

Full summaries should aim to include the following (use your judgment to determine the order):

an account of the author’s profession (e.g., “Journalist Sam Lebovic argues that…”) and/or particular area of focus (e.g., “In his capacity as Legal Director of the ACLU, David Cole argues that…”)

a description of key pieces of evidence the author uses to advance his or her claims, using key phrases from the source (integrate quotations; do not quote entire sentences)

a description of any counterarguments or obstacles to the author’s argument(s)

a description of the purpose of the article/source and how that purpose connects to your project

if applicable, additional information about how you intend to use the source in the context of your project aims