Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes, Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes, Verbal and Nonverbal Communication


Jane Elliott’s “Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes” Anti-Racism Exercise | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN 

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For this assignment, you will respond to the questions in Part I  and select  TWO questions Part II to respond to. In Part II, make sure you provide TWO examples to support your answer based on what you observed in the talk show.

Part I:  Respond to all the questions

Do the examples you observed in this video provide a good example of communication competence? Why or Why not?

How does what you observed in this experiment relate to society’s current context today? Does analyzing social experiments like this help to improve communication competence when it comes to addressing inequality? Why or Why not?

In your opinion, what can analyzing verbal and nonverbal messages that result from responses to perceived differences among people teach us about communication?

*Hierarchies refers to a system that believes certain people or groups are ranked above the other and have more value. These hierarchies facilitate the access to the benefits and privileges of society.

Part II: Select TWO questions from this list below. For each question support your response with TWO examples from the video.

It is often agreed that “certain words have the power to affect people dramatically”. Were there any examples to support this statement within the movie? If so, how did it impact what was being communicated?

Were there any examples of miscommunication because of denotative meaning vs. connotative meaning? 

How did context (social or cultural) impact the use of language and  nonverbal communication?

Were there any examples of cultural bias that emerged in the use of language?

  • Were there any differences between men and women in terms of language? Nonverbal communication? Did these differences impact communication? Positively or negatively?What other factors played a role?

In terms of nonverbal communication, what were some examples of proxemics? Haptics? Time and place codes? Chronemics? Paralanguage? (You do not have to touch on all six). Did it seem to be appropriate?

In what ways was nonverbal communication used to create rapport, regulate conversation, or manage impressions? (You don’t have to address all three)

  • Were there any obvious attempts to improve verbal communication? Nonverbal communication? 
  • What principles of verbal communication could be observed throughout this talk show? 

What principles of nonverbal communication could be observed throughout this talk show?

What functions of language were observed throughout the conversations that took place in this talk show?