Biology Japanese Macaques Discussion

Biology Japanese Macaques Discussion


This video (link below) reviews the issue of whether nonhuman primates can be taught to use any forms of language. You will need to use this video for this week’s assignment.

This video (link below) discusses the behavior of Japanese macaques (snow monkeys). Over the long period of time that they have been studied these monkeys have learned to do new things and have taught these things to their offspring, similar to culture. The Japanese macaques discussed on page 213 of the textbook are a different group in a different part of Japan, but they have also been studied and have learned new behaviors.

Based on the video for this week regarding apes and language, do you think any of the apes were really using language like humans do or not? If you think the answer is “sort of” that is OK, but no matter what your opinion is on this question you need to explain your answer in detail making specific references to information included in the video.

this is the textbook.