Belhaven University Civilization Essay

Belhaven University Civilization Essay


During this course, we have learned how some features of the world’s societies have changed and how other features have remained the same by focusing on some historical themes: 1) power and authority structures; 2) revolutionary moments; 3) economic systems; 4) cultural developments; and 5) scientific/technological innovations. For your final assignment, select two of these themes and demonstrate: a) how some elements of each theme have changed over the period of time covered in this course; b) how some elements of each theme have stayed the same over the period of time covered in this course; and c) how someone holding a Christian worldview would interpret the change and continuity of your selected themes differently from someone holding a secular worldview.

    • Requirements:
      • 750 words minimum
      • APA-compliant formatting, including title and reference pages
      • Minimum of five scholarly references
      • Minimum of four references to documents from the Perry reader
    • Be sure that you response to criteria c) – equals at least 150-200 words and includes the following three sections:

1) Christian worldview regarding the course;

2) biblical passages related to the course; and

3) comparison of secular and Christian perspectives related to the course.