AUMC Floridas Waterways Contaminated Post Ian Question

AUMC Floridas Waterways Contaminated Post Ian Question


Select a news article that focuses on a water pollution, sanitation, or lack of accessibility.  Submit the article along with an analysis of the article content (< 250 words). Include the following in your submission:

Article Summary: Provide a brief summary of the information covered in the article. What are the main points discussed in the article? Does the article include the basic information necessary for the target audience to understand the topic? What are the potential health impacts this may have on the affected population. Could there be long-term health consequences?  Are there public health solutions that could be utilized to remediate the issue?

Method of Communication: Describe the appropriateness of the communication method for the target audience. Is the article effectively written for the target population? Is the communication method (electronic, written, video) appropriate for the target audience and easily accessible?